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Hey guys! I am so excited, our local comic convention is coming up in a couple months and I am so jazzed! I might be doing posts on making cosplay outfits soon, so I really can’t wait to get started. I am still learning certain things with cosplay making, but that is what research is for.

I have only done two cosplays: A handmade quidditch player outfit from Harry Potter, and a Kaylee-looking cosplay from the TV show Firefly.

I will be revealing what the future costume projects are in a later post but, in the meantime, Valentine’s Day is coming up which means cards for our Valentines. Yay!

So I am drawing and playing with a ton of new card and print designs. Even though my inspiration level has been low for a few weeks, I still try to play with ideas for new products. I have been keeping myself busy and my mind as active as I can get it, that is a little way I try and push through moments of no inspiration.

I am very excited for the projects and adventures that are going to come, If you want to show your support and see my work, check out my Instagram for more daily art. I can’t wait to start creating with you all, enjoy your week!

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  • Ana Maria Selvaggio

    What you aren’t mentioning…
    a) You made the quidditch outfit from scratch, without a pattern, and that you reversed engineered it from a photograph.
    b) You’d never used a sewing machine before so…

    Bravo, baby. Looking forward to seeing your next costumes and hanging out with my best bud at the Con.

    You rock. ::knuckle bump::

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