Art and Inspiration

Wow, wow, Wow! I have been a busy lazy person, but I have told myself that I am going to do some productive drawing challenges this year for the sake of practice, this blog, and my Instagram needing some well-deserved new content. So, I will be starting Mer-May this week and will continue for the rest of the month, and then for every three days for the entire month of June, I will be doing a rainbow pride month challenge, and then I will later be doing Inktober again for the month of October. I am already so excited to start drawing, I will be posting my prompt lists here, but I will be mainly posting photos of the pieces of art on my Instagram.

There will also be some new print series that will be showing up soon, I have been accumulating a lot of art pieces for when I launch my Etsy shop in June and I am so nervous and yet ecstatic at the same time, I am more just hoping that I am going to do ok.

I have been working on my art so much this past year that I really want it to go well and just absolutely rocket launch! Plus, this blog really forces me to open up, and also let you all see my art and thought process, there are a lot of things that I haven’t sadly posted due to lack of time, forgetfulness, or technology not wanting to cooperate, but I am wanting to change that and actually make a posting schedule this year so I don’t get stressed about not posting stuff, and also so I can create more inspiration for myself. Posts may or may not get more sparse because I am hopefully going to be launching a Patreon somewhere in late June or early July and I sincerely hope that you will all enjoy and follow this wacky journey into the world of my imagination. Talk to you later.

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