Epic Nerd Launch!

3… 2… 1… 0… BOOM! I have new product coming out! I’m so excited! This series is “Real DMs Roll D20s”. I currently only have black and white stickers, but there will be prints, shirts, patches, mugs, and more stickers in the future.

These pieces were semi inspired by the voice actor and dungeon master Matt Mercer. And fueled by my love for D&D, storytelling, and gaming. I had started watching critical role in December, and had the idea for a print, and had later come up with the slogan “Real DMs Roll D20s” I had started sketching went through about 3 versions and a few crazy emotions of frustration, and discontent, (photos below) before I was finally satisfied with the result. A couple weeks later I came up with a secondary piece to go along with it, which I made into my first set of black and white stickers, I then made a color version that will later be made into another set of stickers. I’m so proud of this and I love how the finished product came out and cannot wait until I can officially put it on Etsy in late June.

On a quick note, I will be at LEXCON this year with my black and white D20 stickers, so you should come and say hi, and maybe get a sticker. Thanks for reading! I can’t wait to see what adventure comes next.

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